Benjamin Lachapelle

Animaux en voix de disparition, Ben Lachapelle en fait sa production principale.

Ben Animalia is a social enterprise inspired by Benjamin Lachapelle, a young autistic artist, and his passion for animals.  We are on a mission to spread joy and make the world more caring for animals and people

(especially those with different abilities).

Benjamin Lachapelle is an autistic artist born and raised in the Laurentians of Quebec, Canada. He is a “speedy” artist and people always comment on how fluid and effortlessly he creates. Ben draws in one shot with no erasing or revisions (and often in one continuous stroke, his pen never leaving the paper). His art always involves animals because this is what he loves the most. He cares deeply for the environment and the wellbeing of all animal species. He also cares about his community and donates his time and artwork to various charities and local initiatives. When not creating or collaborating, Ben enjoys reading (about animals, of course), walking his dogs Hershey and Callie, riding his bike, paddling and cross-country skiing. He is also proficient at making all sorts of animal sounds and he is a darn good whistler.